Qualitative Health datasets in 4 main steps

Preparing and delivering enriched, qualitative and legally exploitable datasets for healthcare innovation

1/ Data Structuration

Valorizing health data produced in health institutions is a win-win partnership for improving long term patient outcomes.

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2/ Data Enrichment

Using AI methologies is key for extracting, indexing and valorizing non-structured data from different medical data sources.

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3/ Ultra-Fast research

Leveraging health data requires the datasets to perfectly fit the usecases requirements: anatomy, exam type, pathologies, etc.

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4/ Dataset valorization

Secured, exclusive and fast environment for datasets delivery to extract efficently the most valuable results.

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Enriched Datasets

Ready to train/test/validate your AI algorithms


Multi-source to reduce biases from hardware type or geographical specifities


Easy to handle datasets with no link possible to patients

Sebastian Tavolaro

Partner Radiologist


Pierre Campredon

MedTech Entrepreneur

Ex-Moon Surgical

Januka Samaranayake
Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

7 years of platform dev.